Life in 5 years

Have you ever stopped to think about life in 5 years from now? I mean REALLY THOUGHT about it? We said goodbye to several caregivers at daycare today as this is the girls’ last day.  Dr. Jay pointed out that we would eventually leave. I know this.
It got me thinking to 5 years from now.

In 5 years:

  • Soleil will be 8.5 and Luna will be 6.5
  • School years. My kids will be in school!
  • Daycare will be gone, as will diapers and sippies and bottles
  • I will be starting my 15th year at work (I hope)
  • The spacecraft will have been flying for 12 years
  • Dr. Jay and I will have been together for 19 years
  • We will truly be "from Boston" yikes

Strange thoughts indeed…. Very strange thoughts…

Thinking about going public

I’ve been thinking of going public again. What do you guys think? I am thinking of removing the password. I can’t worry about Julie, because, well, I have more important things to think about!
I changed my email references to one that is linked to my yahoo. This way, my full name is hidden. However, I am sure that if people really wanted to find me, they could….

But do I care?
Thoughts, thoughts thoughts….
Any comments from you guys?

Here Pod! Here Pod!

Guess what? After 2 hours of web research and 1 hour of store research, I am getting a single serve coffee machine for work! Yippie!
Coffee This is the Krups 1010. You put in a pod of coffee, put in water, and sizzle, snork and poof, you get a cuppa Joe! Just what I need. I usually spend about $3.50 for a mocha in the afternoon at work. A cup will cost about 40ยข per cup. Much better. Now I won’t be making mochas, but I can have some very nice coffee. YUMMY!
Dr. Jay was planning on buying this, but wanted my approval since he knows I am the coffee freak!
I can’t wait! We have to buy it tomorrow. Our 20% off coupon expires in 2006. Can you believe I am excited over coffee? It must be the geek genes and programmer stuff going off!

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So why the heck are you reading my blog?

I wonder how many people ask that. I read alot of blogs, but I bookmarked some of my favorites on the side. Funny thing is, there is a theme of Chinese adoption throughout them. But, I have two bio kids. And I am not planning on adopting. So why am I reading so many Chinese adoption blogs?

Good question.

It started with T-shaped girl who hasn’t updated her blog in a while. She has been a member of a fertility board that I am on. We both went through infertility together. Our paths diverged when I finally got pregnant with Soleil. After I got pregnant with Luna, she and her husband made the decision to do Chinese adoption. They now have a BEAUTIFUL daughter.  I started reading her blog, and then following some of her links. From there I found The Naked Ovary (again, I had read that a while ago), then the Uterine Wars. Do they have salsa in China? was so DAMN funny, that I felt really comfortable reading that. I then found Johnny, Sparky and Amber. From Sparky, I started following Karen’s journey to Gwen. Then I found Stephanie from Johnny. Whew. Following all of this?

I am finding the international adoption fascinating. Would I have followed this path if I lost Soleil? How would we have added to our family if Luna wasn’t bio? I had so many questions during my infertile years that I can’t help but watch from the sidelines and think about these things.

2 months before we got pregnant with Soleil, we talked to our Rabbi. His twins were IVF twins. He had lost 5 pregnancies including one at 9 months. (well, his wife, but it hurts the men too). We were looking at IVF and after that, adoption. The doctor wasn’t terribly hopeful, so I wanted to start investigating adoption. We had made a vow at our wedding that we would raise a Jewish family. I wanted to talk to the Rabbi about Jewish adoption agencies and how to start that.

But we were lucky. Soleil was conceived with a COS (controlled over-stimulation) + IUI (intra uterine insemination) cycle. We were lucky that she was a singleton (I released 5-7 eggs). We were lucky that despite the bleeding, we made it to 24 weeks. We were lucky that despite her dropping to zero station at 33 weeks, she was born without incident on her due date.
And we were lucky to conceive Luna 4 months into trying with only 1 loss. We were also lucky that Luna stay put after having pre-term contractions at 33 weeks that landed me on terbutaline.

But then again, I think that T-shaped girl is lucky. She has this amazing child in her life. I have seen photos of her and her beautiful daughter. They are both smiling as if they fell in love at first sight. And I think they did.

So, why am I reading your blog? Because, I really like your writing and you are following a path that might have been mine. We often have doors shut on us during life without even realizing it. Somewhere, I know that adoption was a route to our family that was more than just "a thought". And through all of you, I get to experience it. And I thank you for that!


Vacation, aka HELP ME!!!

PitrvacationYes, it’s that time of year, Spacemom goes to Sunny warm BUFFALO NEW YORK!
What? It’s not warm this time of year? Sigh.. I know I know, this is what one gets from being raised in Western New york, you think anything over 20  is WARM in the winter.
Actually, the forecast is good and we will only see a few feet of snow over a few days, rather than the 2 feet in 1 day as we’ve seen in the past!

So, if I am not arround, it may be that I am suffering enjoying my family up in Buffalo. Two perks, free internet at the hotel and a pool! Maybe I will enjoy it!

And, maybe I will post!

Random Musings

Today is a bunch of random sentences:

  • Soleil got hurt at preschool yesterday. She fell and hit her head. I spent most of the night worrying about a concussion. Do you ever stop worrying about your children?
  • Luna has been insane. Absolutely insane. We are attributing this to being a toddler. I hate this phase. I know it ends and it really is only a few months. but MAN I HATE HAVING A MAD WOMAN IN THE HOUSE
  • I got very little sleep last night. Luna and I were up from 2:40-5:00. I am exhausted, but still have a ton to get done.
  • I am in the middle of a long project. I hope to get most of it done before the new year, but I doubt it. We are working on new specifications for how we operate our instrument on the spacecraft. It’s a lot of work and every time I think it is done, we find one more thing to work on more. I get nervous because we will be fundamentally changing how the spacecraft works. And it all depends on my work. Yikes. How’s that for stress? Thankfully, we have a team that reviews everything and slowly we are muddling through
  • We go to Buffalo NY on Friday to visit my sister, and my parents. My dad and I talked 5 minutes ago. They are going up tomorrow. I love visiting, but the family drives me insane!
  • Our snow thrower is fixed! But it is still in the shop because the shuttle that brings it back to our Sears only runs on Mondays and Fridays. They will hold it until next Wednesday for us.
  • Dr. Jay is having a series of setbacks with his Crohn’s disease. We are cutting down his steroids and every time there is a cutback, he has a setback. This is rough. If we could sleep, he could heal better.
  • I had a major snafu with the new daycare and had to reschedule our transition dates this morning. I had misunderstood the dates and left us with 3 days of no daycare! Yikes!
  • We had our first "Santa Encounter" this week. We were in a mall having a picnic on the mall floor when an elderly lady stopped by. She told me that my children were beautiful. I said Thank you. Then she asked Soleil if Santa was coming to our house this year. Soleil got quiet and I said "oh no, we’re a Jewish family. Santa doesn’t visit us. But we are looking forward to dreidel and Hanukkah" Was this rude? I don’t know. I wanted Soleil to be comfortable with HER traditions and to not feel attacked for not being Christian
  • My boss’s wife, V, asked for a photo of our kids. Apparently, her daughter L and SIL C have decided that our children can be D&V’s surrogate grandchildren. V is fighting back by posting the photo on her fridge! he he he he