Oh hell!

Today’s temp: 75
Tomorrow’s temp: 82-87

Percentage chance that my a/c will work in my car tomorrow: 0

Yup, My trusty POS car has now lost the ability to cool air going into the cabin. A/C or no A/C on, it blows 70-80 degree F air into the passenger cabin.

Dr. Jay and I are planning to buy my Accord sooner than later.

Where Nance learns that she needs a break

On Thursday, I had a long time at the meeting. This was the day I had to get my poster up by 10, get to several talks by co-workers, and I had a mandatory poster session from 6-8pm. I had arranged for Dr. Jay and my parents to take the girls to Disney to have breakfast at the Polynesian Hotel with Lilo and Stitch (and Mickey Mouse and that BASTARD Pluto*). I got them all off by 9am. Then I put up my poster, talked to some co-workers and went to the breakfast buffet. For $20, I got endless coffee, OJ and all of the fresh fruit, waffles, Krispy Kremes**, oatmeal and cereal that I could stuff in.  And I read a newspaper. Yes, I did all of this without a person asking for my food, standing in a chair, asking for information on the Titanic… It was BLISS.

In this time, I realized that I had not had a long trip for ME. When Luna was 6 months old, Dr. Jay and I went to a meeting in San Diego. I had panic attacks about leaving the kids and I actually moved my flight later so I could stay longer with them. This has been my ONE and only trip without the kids. I miss me time. The thought of staying at a hotel, resting, eating at my leisure, ah, pure bliss. I talked to Dr. Jay about it and told him how I was jealous. Jealous that he gets to go to meetings and get this quiet time. He said he feels guilty about it because he does indulge the first 3 days. Then he gets lonely.

I was planning on going to Prague this summer. I don’t think it will happen. Luna is not ready for both mommy and daddy to disappear for a week. That bites because I really wanted to go. We are now looking into a meeting in Pasadena. I might go in November to that meeting just to get that me time. Maybe… Maybe…

I love being a mom, but I really never got the break I needed. When we had just Soleil, we finally got into a rhythm and I got pregnant (thankfully) with Luna. Then I took naps instead of me time. Now I need to just be me.

Maybe Becky and I can meet this summer. We have talked about meeting half way by and outlet mall for a weekend.
We will see.

And Prague will wait for another year…

*Pluto was the first character in and snuck up on Luna and put his big furry paws over her ears. Apparently she lost it for the whole 2 hours of breakfast. Remind me to kick Pluto in the nuts the next time I see him.

** Dunkin’ Donuts are MUCH better than Krispy Kreme.


On our trip, I think it was Friday, Luna and I were in the kiddie pool. Luna was having a ball in the kiddie pool. Sometimes she forgot to crouch and she would sit. When she did that, the water came over her mouth and her nostrils and she would look in panic until I told her to stand up so she could breathe. It was pretty funny if she wasn’t trying to drown herself.

While we were there, I saw a young Asian girl. And her dad. He was overweight, tall and a red head. My mind immediately said "she is from China". Luna started to play with this girl. The girl smiled at Luna and tried to kiss her. I asked the dad what her name was. "Sonya. This is her first time in a pool. She loves it! We weren’t sure how she would handle it." We exchanged ages (Sonya was 20 months old, Luna is 23 months old) and watched the girls play. Sonya was pretty carefree. She went right up to me.

Inside my head I had tons of questions. "When did she come home with you?" "How has the transition been?" "Are you planning for another?" But I couldn’t. How do you ask? Is it rude? I just don’t know.

Inside my head, I also thought of Perrin, 1 day short of the referrals. Karen, 14 days short and Stephanie, 5 days short. And how in a few months, they will be with their daughters. And I watched thinking how much this man must have gone through waiting and the whole adoption process, from the paperwork chase, to the DTC, to the LID to The Wait to Metcha Day. And how I had never realized how much was involved before I met my bloggers.

I later ran into Sonya and her dad on the elevator. He was at my meeting as an exhibitor for Corning (well known for that 1970s Corelle dishware). I never got a chance to stop at his booth, but Sonya was on my mind for a long part of the meeting.

I am back!

Hey! I am back! I have a ton of catching up to do.

I first want to say to Perrin, Karen and Stephanie, THOSE REFERRAL DATES BITE!
Whew, had to get that off my chest!

I have a ton of posts running around in my head.

First, I need to fix two things that broke at work while I was playing in the sun working down in Florida. Then I can post away (my boss is still down there, poor guy)

Ok, I get it!

A friend of mine, Becky, has been a single mom for 6 years now. She has basically raised her daughter alone and her son since he was 2.5. Alone. No help from a husband.

She would stay up to all hours of the night and nap when the kids did. I never got it.
Well, now I do.

When you are the only one getting both kids down, and folding the laundry and doing everything (dishes, nighttime stories, car cleaning etc) and the ONLY time for quiet is at night, it is damn hard to tell yourself to go to bed. Even if you are exhausted.

Becky, I get it. I really do.
How you do this day in, day out, wow. I know you have said you have to and you are right, but man, this is tough.
You’re a great mom.

I hope TAPS goes well next weekend.

The playhouse is here!

Early this morning, my friend Lynn and I drove to get the playhouse. The guy who was selling it was pretty, well, dumb. He didn’t understand why Lynn and I wanted to break down the playhouse. We finally convinced him that we needed to break it down to fit it in her truck (we had premeasured and reviewed the product dimensions, and have decided to do it this way. Lynn is a PhD in Astrophysics, she gets it.) We had to argue with him as to how to load the truck. Then he didn’t understand why we wanted to tie it down (I brought some awesome ratcheting tie downs). I swear, MEN!

I spent about 2 hours scrubing the peices down. Then Dr. Jay and I got it together…

And here are the photos! The girls loved it! I can’t wait until the fall when we take it apart and repaint it with the krylon plastic spray paint!

What the FUCK was I thinking?

Do you remember THIS post? Well, the time is upon us. My poster is done. The paper is submitted, the copyright permission is awaiting an official envelope. (I’ve always wanted to use an official envelope. The ones that say "$300 fine for using this for non-government business")

Dr. Jay leaves on Sunday for Pasadena. He kindly opted out of softball this week so he could spend time with the girls before leaving. On Tuesday, at 8:30am, a cab is coming to take the girls and I to the airport. Then we go to Orlando.

I have purchased a computer cart to attach Luna’s car seat to. If I need, I will gate check the cart. I have decided to take the heavy, kick ass Britax car seat because it has LATCH and I can LATCH it to the cart! (Hey, I am a rocket scientist). I HOPE that Luna wants to ride in this cool contraption. I will try to get a photo of it.

So a recap, I will have 2 kids, under 2 with me. A Car seat. My backpack (with snacks and diapers and wipes, a change of pants for Soleil if she has an accident, DVD player + DVDs up the wazoo), Soleil’s backpack, Luna’s backpack? A rolling cart to toss everything on. My sanity? I don’t know.

I went on eBay and bought a greymarket version of Beauty and the Beast for this trip. Great. Now I have three copies. 2 on VHS and one on DVD. But HEY, we can watch the DVD with Thai, Chinese or one other subtitles that I have never heard of before!

I must be fucking insane to do this. My parents will meet us after security in Orlando. I have a rental car. We will get there about 3 hours before we can check in. Dr. Jay doesn’t get to Florida until Wednesday night.

I have to be at the meeting all day Thursday and I have a 3 minute presentation on Friday.

I am insane. I am legally insane. I don’t think I can drink on the plane, do you?

Wow, I got the playhouse!

Bigplayhouse_1      Insideplayhouse_1

I got the playhouse. These are the "stock"photos. This ugly pink and blue is no longer made. It is now in hip "earth tone" colors. However, I discovered that the plastic spray paint works great on these, so I am planning to paint the pink a nice beige and the blue parts either Burgundy or hunter green. I will probably paint the white  with a white to freshen it up too. $60 for the playhouse. It retails at $349

I have been obsessed with getting a playhouse. I cannot tell you why. I think it is because a playhouse is a great kid place. A kid can truly hide and be a kid in their playhouse. You can pretend to cook, without worrying if everyone will eat. You can take on the phone, without paying the bill. You can invite your imaginary friends to dinner, and they will always come, and you don’t have to clean first.

Sometimes, I think I need a playhouse. To hide from the daily pressures. To hide from responsibility. To just play.

Just answer your email, ok?

So, I will official admit I am obsessed. With a playhouse. I know which one I want. I really want it. But there is another one up on Craig’s List that is for $50, not the $301.59 I got outbid for yesterday on ebay.

But the person isn’t checking their email. WAHHHHHHH

It is official. I am insane