So, I found a great croissant recipe.
These are amazing…
The dough is remarkably simple. It just takes time. The claim is the dough has 729 layers. So I challenged myself to do the math.

You start with a square of dough and a smaller square of butter. Then you place the butter on the square of dough so you have a diamond of butter on a square of dough. Wrap the dough around the butter and you have 1 layer of butter in the dough
Roll out to a rectangle. Fold in thirds… 3 layers
Repeat the roll and fold. Now there are 9 layers.
Chill the dough for at least 30 minutes
Roll out to a rectangle, Fold in thirds…27 layers
Repeat the roll and fold. Now there are 81 layers
Chill the dough for another 30 minutes
Roll out to a rectangle, Fold in thirds…243layers
Repeat the roll and fold, now I get 729 layers…

It’s a simple progression in terms of math. I love this stuff.
The croissants for tomorrow are chilling. I plan to bake them in the morning.
I made mini croissants from the scraps and they are yummy! The dough is amazingly light. Wow.

How to get a new TV…

We are quickly researching a new TV. We bought a wonderful TV, 32", Flat screen (but still a CRT), HDTV, picture in picture, 150lbs, Big, honking TV 3 years ago. Jay did all of the research. We reviewed and reviewed and blew the $300 on the in home repair. We had one problem early on that they fixed. The home repair warranty is up in January.

We started seeing a strange pattern on the screen. So we called them. We demonstrated the problem. They took it in. They returned it. Jay asked what was fixed. The guys checked the paperwork and said, ugh, nothing. Jay had them take it back after showing the issue and proving that it wasn’t our DVD player nor VCR.

They called us last week. The tube is shot. It will cost $960 to repair the tube. The store that we bought it from no longer sells tube TVs that match what we bought. So they are giving us a store credit for the cost of the original TV. (About $850). We are going in tomorrow to buy a new TV. We are going to replace it with a 32" LCD, flat panel TV. It has almost everything we had on the other TV and my FIL recently bought this one.

I wasn’t really looking for a new TV, but when the tube goes after 3 years, I worry about the rest. So, a shopping we will go!

Federal holiday..Jan 2?

I just got an email regarding January 2nd. It has been declared a National Day of Mourning for Federal Employees. We have the day off now. This is a surprise, but still sad.  Ford was an accidental president, but a good one…
Stop on Tuesday and think of President Ford. A good man, he should be honored…

In other news, I am trying a traditional croissant recipe. It requires 729 layers of dough. I am not convinced of the math yet…I will bake the croissants on Sunday just before a party. YUM!

We bought Soleil her own comforter today. That was a trick. She requested a "hot pink" one. Yes, we found one. No, it was not easy.. Sigh… Hot pink? Since when do 4 year olds want hot pink?

Why you shouldn’t let two scientists watch the History Channel

We are sitting here, watching a History Channel show about "Comets: Prophets of Doom". We are sitting here mocking the show. I know we shouldn’t, they are simplifying the whole science, but it is so funny.

They started talking about the Deep Impact Project, which Jay did some work with, and we are just laughing at how dramatic they are making everything sound…

This is why we should not be allowed to watch these shows… At least not together……

The hustle and bustle…

Christmas is always an odd time of the year. It has been even odder since 93, when Jay and I had our first Christmas together. My family was still getting used to the idea of my Jewish boyfriend and they were at a loss of how to deal with Christmas.In some ways, they still are, but we are getting better.

We spent the holiday in Buffalo, where I grew up. My parents decided not to come up given mom’s blood clots (they are still in her lungs, but now it is just a wait and let them dissolve situation). The doctors want mom to walk around every hour or so of car riding and she wasn’t comfortable with that. My sister was kind enough to host us. We came a day early so we could see all three of her kids play hockey. I got to watch my niece score a goal and Jay watched a practice for my middle nephew and the JV game of my oldest nephew.

It was a busy busy few days with much frenzy and bad food. As part of this, we spent the Christmas morning with my friend Becky and her family. This year, we held brunch at her parent’s house. The house is where I lived from age 3 to age 6. Becky’s family bought the house from my parents and we’ve been friends since. We moved only a street away. This brought me back to my hometown which is not Buffalo itself, but a tiny little town that nobody has heard of. Except Chicagomom, who apparently lived in this town during this time. She didn’t go to the school, otherwise, I would have known her then. Trust me, the school is THAT small.

When I found out that Chicagomom lived in my town (it’s so small that I claim it, Bwahahaha), it really freaked me out. As in NOBODY has heard of this town unless you’ve lived in WNY and happened to be in another small town that played us in high school sports..

Anyway, the weekend was crazy and I am glad that we didn’t go overboard on presents. And except for the introduction to Build-a-Bear (damn it) . The girls  didn’t get too much.

So I am back, and I now need to catch up on my bloggers. I’ve been reading, but not posting..


Tired…. Too tired to post…. But glad to hear that Jay and I are not freaks of nature.

However, Today I had a phone call with ChicagoMom that was just plain freaky… I’ll try to blog about it tomorrow..

How many rounds?

Do you fight with your spouse?
I wonder if Jay and I are unusual. We rarely fight. When I say rarely, I can recount 3 fights during our 14 year relationship. The first biggie was me yelling and he agreeing that secrets are not to be kept if trust is to be honored. The second was when we disagreed about a leaking pipe. The third was right after Luna was born and we had her Brit Bat at home and we started arguing and I turned to him in tears and we both agreed we were stressed from everything and we hugged and made up.

I don’t mean to say we agree on everything. Certainly not. We disagree alot. But we don’t FIGHT about it.
The first big fight was within the first 4 months of us dating. I won’t go into details, please don’t ask. That is between us. But we did discuss that we need to be honest with each other. That trust is earned, not given away like a present. We also agreed at that point to be civil at all times. This is a serious one to me. I know friends who have been in abusive relationships. The words that can be spoken and hurt harder than any blow could just tear me apart. I don’t understand why people insist on trying to hurt the other person with harsh words.

Since that first one, we have kept things civil. We agree to disagree when things get tough. We agree that I can sweat the details and he can sweat the big stuff. We have agreed to always have a plan to deviate from.

How does your relationship work? Do you have knockdown fights? Do you discuss things? are we weird because we calmly discuss things when the going gets tough?


I’ve been thinking about Corey alot lately. We are coming up to 7 years since he died. Seven years is a long time to not hear from a friend. As his wife says, "He’s dead, not deaf". She talks to him all of the time, unfortunately, he doesn’t respond much.

I think this loss was one of the hardest I have ever experienced, and it wasn’t even my own spouse. Corey died at 29, just shy of his 30th birthday. He had two children, 2.5 and 6 months old at the time of his death. He was straightening out his life. And then he was gone. It shook me to my core. I did everything I could for my friend, his wife. We have been friends since we were six years old and I would do anything for her, including just listening on the phone at 3 am while she cried. Inside, it felt like I had lost something huge.

It was more than a loss of a friend. I hated thinking about never being about to talk to him again. But I think we also lost some of that immortality that you have when you are young. Life is good. You don’t hurt in the mornings or on rainy days. You feel good. You have so much to do and to look forward to. And suddenly, you realize that in a blink of an eye, the snap of the fingers, it can all be gone. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

I know I spent days thinking what Corey’s last thoughts were. Did he know he was going to die. Did he see the train and have time to come to grips with the situation? Did he say goodbye in his heart?

I sometimes wonder why we do things. Why we get angry over stupid things. Why we lose our temper and say hurtful things… I know it is human nature, but when I stop and think about him, I try to remember that we are here today. And we can’t promise what will be the next minute.

I am not sure of my point. But I am almost in tears now and I think I need to end this now.

Why Titles are important

Scene: in the car

Luna: Mommy, I want the white song
Me: (WTF??) What does the white song sound like honey?
Luna: (off key) I want adventure in the great white sunwear
Me:(think think think) OH! You want Belle’s second song from Beauty and the Beast?
Luna: Yes! The white song!
Me: Sweetie, it is "the greade wide somewhere…not white"
Luna: No mommy, it’s white
Me: Whatever gets you to sleep at night kid….

The depression is passing. That is good. I actually sent Jay that last post. He came down to my office, gave me a big hug and we talked. It helped. Sometimes it is easier to write things down instead of talking..

Remember I said I MIGHT have a minute this weekend? HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Saturday’s hannukah party went great! Started just at 11 and ended around 4:30! Yes, the last people left around 4:30! But that was okay. We then let the girls watch a movie so Jay and I sat on the couch for an hour and talked. Like an honest to G-d adult conversation. Wow.
We thought Sunday would be better, but after our party time (12-2, food at 2! yikes), we got a call from Kobyashi and Crazy H. Their youngest was hospitalized (6 months old) and they needed a sitter to watch their 2 year old in the evening so they could both be there… I took that job. She is home now and doing much better.

I spent all of yesterday in a state of motion. Sigh. Today is not looking much better. Oh well…
I have already informed my sister that when we visit her, she is REQUIRED to babysit one day so Jay and I can get some sleep!