Purrfectly good sewing maachine

So after much thought, and mocking from Jay, who can’t understand why ANYONE would want to sew, I have decided to buy this machine.   

Okay. You can STOP LAUGHING RIGHT NOW, Dammit!

It is cute and it has amazing reviews on the Target page.

But did I mention it is so darn cute?

And I just can’t stand to be normal anyway. Now to wait for my credit card cycle to close out so I can buy it guilt free! The book that Figlet suggested is on backorder anyway, so no rush!


Why Write?

I sometimes stop when I see myself in the mirror. I do not often recognize the person reflected back.
I see a tired person, who is starting to show age. I am not sure that is me.

I wonder why people write. I started to clear my head. I find that there are thoughts tangled and woven into the fabric of my brain, and late at nights, I can not clear them away. They lurk and wait for me to ask them to come forth.

So I started writing. And journalizing. And getting hand cramps.
Then I discovered blogs. Oh! I can type! And I can touch type! Something that would have helped me get a job several years ago, but I digress.

I write to get the thoughts out.
I write to clear the depression out and to force myself to do something about it
I write to convince myself my kids are normal…without the bounds of normal at least.
I write to express what I can’t otherwise.

Why do you write? This is rhetorical. You don’t have to comment, but something to think about!

A New England Winter

When one thinks of New England Winters, the thoughts of snow, ski lodges, and bundles by the fire should appear. However, these are all NORTHERN New England. I live in the Boston Metro area which is often called  Southern New England. We have been having snow warnings since Thursday. Yet today, the snow is falling and we are expecting a measly 1-2 inches.

I miss my Buffalo winters. We had SNOW there, people. Real, honest to G-d SNOW. With real snow squalls and we learned how to drive in the stuff. A forecast of 6 inches was considered nothing.
And now I am in the panic central for snow. I swear the populace of Massachusetts hasn’t learned how to drive, not to mention how to drive in snow.

So, today is it a fresh coat of snow. But nothing like Buffalo. Strange how the smallest things can make you sad.

Wow, We suck!

Hey! Did you know if you throw 2 kids in sleds, and push them down a step icy hill, that they can go down ALONE fine in their own sleds, but if you put them together in a single sled the combined mass causes them to go airborne? And the smallest one will completely hamburger her face?

Oh yeah, they don’t tell you this stuff when you are in the parenting classes.

Yes, of course we know via physics that double the mass will cause them to go faster, but I swear, neither of us thought about that bump in the ice…

She’ll heal… the mental image I have of her nose and mouth covered in blood will last longer than her wounds.


Soleil also got a nice bruise on her chin…

Yeah, we suck at parenting…

Typepad and computers are conspiring!

Is it just me? Or can nobody leave comments? I’ve been TRYING to comment on blogs that I love and typepad keeps timing out. And then I wrote a really nice post and Zoom, the Internet gods ATE IT. I hope you liked it! It would have been better with ketchup!

Sigh, So remember this post? Yeah, well, I think my freak out is starting to go down. Jay and I had a discussion, and he even gave me a paper bag to hyperventilate into, and we decided to try our town’s after school program.
Then we also discussed our "real" plan for the future. We may just get another parking pass and shift schedules. If he goes to work early, I can stay with the kids and then once they are on the bus, I’ll drive in. Then he comes home early to pick them up from the bus and I drive home in time for dinner.

We’ll see how this plays out. It might work well, it might not. We will have to see.

So, seriously, nobody has suggestions for sewing? Seriously? Dudes, you disappoint me. Drop me an email if you don’t want to comment. I won’t tell!

Crafty People, I need help?

Ok my crafty friends, I need help. Two of the girls’ dresses have lost the hem. I need to sew them back up. I would like to purchase a small sewing machine to help me. You know, maybe work on small patterns, etc in the future?
BUT I don’t want to buy the cheapest out there, nor do I want to buy the most expensive.

I saw the Singer Featherweight II 118(under compact). Here’s an ebay link because the Singer site is very Java happy and I can’t get a good link.

What do you think? What would you suggest for a person who wants to do simple mending and maybe some simple projects?

I trust the Singer name, I know that is the brand my mom used… Any suggestions?

Co-payment hell

Yesterday, I read this post at Raising WEG. It was a very timely post as Luna awoke this morning covered in spots.

I called and got a morning appointment. We suspected, and it was confirmed, to be a reaction to the antibiotic she was on. Why was she on an antibiotic? For the staph infection she got on her finger while I was away in Florida. Turns out she chewed her cuticle while Soleil and I were gone. Jay saw it, put neosporin on it, and we watched it. By the next weekend, it was weeping green, so we got her into the doctor. She went on an oral antibiotic. I tell them that she is allergic to amoxicillian. Her sister and father are allergic to it as well. They all break out in spots.
The doctors insist that a young child grows out of those and we should use this antibiotic that is related to amox.

This has been a strange month for doctors. First, Soleil had an ear infection, $10 co-pay. Then the finger, $10 co-pay, plus today, $10 co-pay. Jay saw his doctor this month, $10 co-pay, okay, $40 in co-pays.

For us, this isn’t a big hit. But Massachusetts is requiring health insurance for all residents. This could be terrible for some families. The price of individual coverage was recently released as $380 a month. This is what a person would need to scrape together to get their own insurance under law. Think about it. Can you find an extra $380 a month? How about if you are single and trying to live in a high rent area?

When many decried this price, the industry replied with a $300 a month plan, but this isn’t much better. The original plan was for something to be offered at $250 or less a month.

We are in a position where we really need to fix our health care system. The small businesses claim that they shouldn’t take the hit on health care. I see their point, but what about the little guy who has to choose between buying health care and paying rent?

Food for thought.


You may have noticed a dearth of posts about sleep. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, Virgina! For Luna, is now sleeping from 9pm to 6:45am on a regular basis (excepting the fact that we ran out of diapers and she’s been sleeping in her "feel and learn" pull-ups and for some reason is waking in the middle of the night when she pees. Hmm, maybe some diapers are in order?)

Soleil comes into our room and climbs into bed about 4 times a week. But she falls asleep very quickly and we can move her back to her room at our leisure.

We have been fighting sleep issues since Soleil was born. We had multiple wake ups for 2+ years, then Luna for 1.5 more years. We have had issues with naps, and issues with bedtimes. We are finally at a point where we can almost consistently get 8 hours of sleep ourselves. And we are almost done with the ten million pieces of assvice of how to get our kids to sleep!

And this is nice. I am glad that we are finally sleeping.

Why titles are important!

So I got two emails over the weekend.
#1 asked if I was pregnant
#2 said the the title of "Major Change" made them wonder if I was hitting menopause.

Yikes! No, not pregnant and no menopause yet!
I love my kids, and I did so much to get pregnant, but I am never ever going to voluntarily go through pregnancy again. Thanks!

Today, we had to get the shovel out. You see, we had friends over last weekend and they brought a half gallon equivalent of ice cream for dessert. Yum! But, our freezer is, well, full. So we stuck it outside. Then we got the ice/snow storm last week. Today, we are finally getting above freezing. Jay had to pull out the shovel and hunt down the ice cream so we could get it in the freezer….:)


I dug out my old trusty Palm m130 that I bought in the "good old days" when I was organized. I realized that I need to start being more organized with all of the activities and somehow, it falls to me to be the organizer. I wish this had Internet, but at least it now has Sudoku on it! 🙂 Now to get myself all together to get everything I want and need on it…

Somewhere, I am afraid I’ve lost my snark. I can’t find it. Now I have one more thing to go looking for. It must be somewhere with Soleil’s Lands’ End mocs….


A major change on the horizon..The post

Last Thursday, I went to the lower elementary school in our town for a "first time parent" coffee. This was specifically for idiots like me who are sending our children into the public school system for the first time.
I was fortunate to walk in with other parents who were equally clueless on the whole school system. We filed into the cafeteria and sat in the miniature chairs while we waited for the principal (or princessapal according to Soleil) to talk.

We also quickly discovered the fears that we all held. The first was the busing. The assistant principal was kind and laid out the pros and cons of restraints in the buses, but the upshot was that our school buses do not use restraints. I distinctly remember thinking "laws of physics" when she tried to describe how safe the padded seats were. Others feared the fire evacuation procedures, while even more feared bullies.

The thing that struck me the most was how elementary schools have changed since I was in them about 30 years ago. First, the schools appear to be better equipped for the emotional needs of the child. I remember how my school was very much concerned about how the child performed and that was it. Second, the school was well designed. My elementary contained all of the grades from K-5. We had three such elementary schools around the town. Here, we have 2 elementary schools; 1 for K-2 and the other is 3-5. The schools fit the smaller children better. The gyms are set for the K-2 size kids, the library was set up in a great environment for small children in terms of books and spaces.

This meeting sent me into a tailspin. I decided I needed to solidify the nanny situation. NOW. Panic set in, something that I thrive in is panic. The first thing I did was try to remind myself that nannies are not looking yet. That was hard. Jay reiterated his view point that we should use the town’s recreation department’s after school care. I fought it. Again. And then I had to stop and re-evaluated my position.

Why am I so against this? I thought and thought, but it wasn’t until a friend needed advice for daycare that it hit me.

If you are parent, do you remember that point when you realized you would see your child soon? That in just days, minutes, you would look into those eyes and try to see this new soul in your life? How absolutely terrified you were? How you looked forward with excitement and trepidation?

Guess what? I am there again. We are leaving babyhood beyond. Luna gave up her booster seat while I was in Florida. She now sits in a regular chair, no booster or anything.  She is going to the potty on her own more and more. Soleil can recognize almost 50 or more words when we are reading books, Today, she figured out, via phonics, how to spell my name. We are leaving the familiar territory of babyhood and entering the school years. Quietly, slowly, we have reached another stage in this winding journey.

Part of avoiding the after school program has been the words. "After School". This means Soleil will be IN SCHOOL. ACK! When did this happen? I don’t remember my first day of school, but I do remember Kindergarten. I remember the anger of being told that I wasn’t allowed to read the next page when the teacher was reading a book and wanted us to figure out what was happening next from the pictures. I remember putting those flower shaped butter cookies on my milk straw and the tiny 8 oz milk bottles they served us in kindergarten. I remember being switched between 2 different elementary schools twice because they needed to even the numbers and I lived near the border of the locations. These are really memories. More than what I can remember from when I was 2-4 years old.

Soleil is now at the age where she will remember her days forever. She is going to enter a microcosm of our society. Her independence will become important here and she will learn more than book stuff in her school years.

In the back of my mind, the idea of a nanny/sitter would keep her as my babe, a young child. After school pushes her away and older.

How silly. I needed to see the fear and excitement in a pregnant woman’s eyes to see the same in myself.

We are still debating the after school program versus a nanny (you should see my financial vs emotional spreadsheets), but at least now I understand why I have been so against this.

We are going to embark on a new phase of life in September. Almost as big as becoming parents. And we will get through it, and enjoy it!