Ah, the first day survived! Hello all! We left our home around 6am, and arrived in Honolulu at 3:35pm, Hawaiian Standard Time. By the time we got the kids in bed, Soleil had been up for 21 hours straight and Luna had a single 1.5 hour nap on the second flight.

***Note to Figlet*** The kids were great on the flights. We had one whiny episode where I had to talk to them, but the rest of the time we watched movies (Snow White, Fairytopia and Aladin) and colored, drew and talked.

Today we had serious whine. Soleil woke up at 4am and I invited her into bed. She fell back asleep once I started deep breathing. Then Luna cam in at 5 am. At 5:15, I sent them both out to the main room to watch tv. After half of a show, they turned it off to watch the sunrise. By 6, we had sent them down to the grandparents room and we showered and got dressed.

Soleil REALLY wanted to go to the pool, we FORCED the poor kiddo to go see the ocean. After 10 minutes of being at the ocean, she turned to Jay and said “daddy, I am so sorry I wanted to stay at the pool. This is much better.” Then she said “Can we still go to the pool today?”
I had left the single most important item in the suitcase that we switched out of at the last minute, sunscreen. Fortunately, I picked some up and had mom’s for the morning. They were not pleased that mommy kept sunscreening them today.

Luna was a fruitcake as usual. I love this kid. She would run into the ocean when a wave receded and then scream like a little child when one came in and tickled her feet. Yes, I KNOW she is a little child, but come on, it’s fun!

After movie and lunch (the only way we could convince them to leave the ocean was to suggest the possiblity of a movie) we took a drive to diamond Head and Manalula Bay. They loved it and Mom and Dad loved having a tour guide.

An hour dip in the pool and a failed dinner attempt later, Jay and I headed over to the meeting for the first evening tonight. Mom and Dad stayed with the girls. They both stayed up for the movie and both crashed within 20 minutes of the end.

And now it is my turn to crash! We have a ton and a half of photos! I want to post some, but we will see what I can get….

As the rain falls down on us…

Okay, it wasn’t rain, but it was water. From the living room ceiling. The day before a trip.Lovely.

Let me backup. Today I worked from home to finish the packing. In between some coding and emails, I would double check my mental packing lists and add something else. Around 3pm, Jay put his presentation in the art tube and I jumped! Something had fallen from the ceiling! My first instinct, as a true arachnophobia, was SPIDER! No, it wasn’t a spider, it was water. We both looked up. OH HELL! The ceiling is WET in a pattern that matches the joists.

We looked at each other and said “Air conditioner!”. Jay got a flashlight and gloves, I turned off the a/c. He went up and reported water on the floor (ie, the drywall for the ceiling), but no source! The overflow for the condensation pan was fine and dry. He went along the length of the drain pipe and where he could see it, bone dry!

I called the company that installed it and set up an emergency call. We had to find the source. I then called a friend to have them call us. If we needed work done tomorrow, they would have to be here.

Meanwhile, Jay was up in the attic (did I mention today was 93 out? So the attic was about 115. It was nasty.) and pulled back all of the insulation back and finding the extent of the water. I got up there and was able to point out that it could be right where a duct went over the drain pipe. Turns out that was exactly where the drain pipe had broken.

We took some photos and called the company back to let them know we found the source. The guy did come and it appears that there is a slight rise in that segment of pipe. The water gets stuck in that segment. Come winter, the water froze. Hence, a burst drain pipe.

He fixed he broken segment, and added some T joints with the holes placed upwards to allow any trapped water to evaporate.

Now, what to do about the water stained ceiling? The water was right on the drywall for the ceiling. Do we have to replace it? From my experience once drywall is wet, it is not good anymore.
Any thoughts?

Oh- Soleil and Luna are in row 30 of the plane. I’m in row 29 and Jay’s in 27. Lovely. Can’t fix this over the phone.
At least the second flight we were able to combine the seats together.

A pleasant night

As far as I was concerned, last night was a perfectly pleasant night. I left work and went to the gym, got a great workout, but left Jason Bourne (Bourne Supremacy) in a dangerous spot.
I showered, felt cool and refreshed, got an iced mocha (I forgot the decaf part) and headed to get the girls. Since my gym has a location in the same complex as daycare, it was a very quick routine. We got in the car and decided on pancakes for dinner.

After collecting Jay from work, we had a great drive home. 128 was terrible (as it always is around Boston), but other than that, a smooth ride. Jay had even called United to make a note that Soleil’s name was cut short on her ticket (it only has So on the ticket…can’t change the name on a ticket, but they can make a note. I hope security doesn’t have a fit).

We let the girls play outside while Jay cooked and I packed the girls’ clothes. I overpacked. I always overpack the girls’ stuff. They have so many cute clothes to wear!
They asked to eat outside, so we said sure!

They ate on the kid table outside while Jay and I enjoyed a quiet, adult meal. Afterwards, they ran around until they called me, both with bright eyes and smiles. They had found a baby butterfly. I came out.

On the playset was a small caterpillar. He was moving all around and the girls were watching his every move.

“Isn’t he beautiful, Luna?” asked Soleil
“Yes, and he will be a butterfly someday!” smiled Luna
“He will build a chrysalis and turn into a butterfly!” squealed Soleil

Then it was time to come in and get ready to bed. I had a meeting at temple to go to, and I heard the rest of the night did not go so well.

But for me? the night was perfect.

Half Full?

If you remember this post, we got some news today. It is not all bad. The cup is half full.

There is no cancer in Lauren’s lymph system. However, the tumor they removed has rough edges. We were told (and I say it this way because it is second hand news) that she will need 4 rounds of chemo. She will need to stay in the hospital 5 days, go home for 9, back in the hospital 5, etc.

She’s only 19. Life sometimes sucks…

Hey Y’all.

So, we’re starting to pack up for Hawaii! Very exciting. A friend has agreed to watch the house for us and we are flying away soon!
How exciting. The girls are all set to see the Dole Pineapple Plantation. I am thrilled to get back to that fantastic place. We will be in the crowded island of Oahu, but that’s okay!

By the way, I am planning to move soon. There is a new passworded post at my new address!

Passworded Posts

Please check here for a Password post. If you don’t have the password, please email me.

I will not just give out the password to anyone. Please give me a reason as to why you would like to see the password protected posts….And a link to your blog, if you have one.


Protected: Passwording life

I really didn’t want to do this. But Julie is worrying me. I see on sitemeter that she is still reading my blog. Sigh. This bites.

I am compiling a list of contacts we have had. Unfortunately, I have deleted past emails from her where I could easily use to prove that the person stalking me is her.

The biggest issue is that I KNOW who she is. And she knows who I am. And we live 20 away from each other.

After my last post about her, she used my comcast email to have a church send me a “stop complaining” bracelet. Seriously, is this the action of a stable person?

I have night terrors that I will come home one day to find swastikas painted on our house. I know, I am being melodramatic, but there it is.

I will occasionally post over here. I will always link in the typepad area. Please be fair and direct people to email me if they ask you for the password.


Constant Change

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity. We got the kitchen, dining room and the stairwell/hallway painted on Friday. On Saturday, I drove to Maine with a friend for the Hanna Anderson outlet store. I snatched up many of a cheap deal there! Sunday was rainy and dreary and we ended up having someone visit us in the afternoon. The girls were crazy the whole weekend.

We are trying very hard to understand Soleil as of late. She is, well, going crazy. A friend brought to my attention that this may be the Kindergarten psychosis. Apparently, children can show their fear of Kindergarten via insanity. They waver in between independent children and needing to be coddled toddlers. They are afraid of the unknown and the expectations on them. We adults don’t help much by putting the "in Kindergarten you can’t <insert undesired behavior here>".

Clearly, this is just as difficult as a phase for her as it is for Luna to be the Toddler-to-Preschooler. I wish I had noted the reason earlier. I just feel rather, well, inadequate if you know what I mean. Should I have realized that was what was going on?

I am working with her on several issues that she hits in terms of wanting to do big Kindergarten stuff. She wants the training wheels off of her bike. Maybe in June. She wants to make her own breakfast. Okay, we can do that.
She wants to help make the coffee for mommy, yes, we let her (except for the water. I don’t really want her to hold the glass carafe)

Although she is growing older, I think we will constantly see these same patterns erupt: a new challenge followed by strange behavior that indicates she (and Luna) are mentally working on the challenge.

Speaking of challenge: Luna took 10 years off of my life in Sunday. I was sitting at the top of the stairs. We have a split entry, you walk in and can choose to go up or down stairs. She decided to walk up the stairs, ON THE 3" of tread that are on the outside of the railing! She tapped me and I looked up, realized that she would have a 12ft or more fall if she slipped, held onto her and YELLED for Jay to get over there RIGHT NOW!
I told her she wasn’t in trouble, but don’t ever do that again! Good Lord! The thought of it still freaks me out!