Team WhyMommy

You may notice a new image on my sidebar.

I have joined Team WhyMommy.

WhyMommy is a scientist who is a stay at home mom. Her boys are 2 years younger than my girls. And she just discovered she has breast cancer.

I know too many cancer patients right now, from our cousin Lauren, to a co-worker, to a friend and now WhyMommy. Luckily, only a few I know have lost the battle. Most have won. So I invite you to go over and support WhyMommy. She can use the positive thoughts. Not the bullshit lovely dovey stuff, but the positive, "You can beat this" stuff.


One thought on “Team WhyMommy

  1. I’m on the team too. She’s an incredible woman. Her courage and drive in the face of it all are both humbling and inspiring.

    And yes, she needs all the good thoughts she can get.

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