Fiction Friday

This Week’s Theme: Give a virtuous character a sordid past.

    She threw her keys onto the counter and sank into the chair, head in hands. What would she do now? What could she do now? This was supposed to have been a simple meeting. Sign him up for Boy Scouts, offer to help with the troop, and be the person they all knew her as.

This small town all knew they could count on her. She often volunteered her free time to help with her son’s projects. Most of the parents trusted her. The would let her take the boys out for ice cream or to help with projects. She had created a wonderful life for the two of them out here in the country.

That life was about to be shattered. She had managed to maintain composure when she walked into the meeting and saw him. He was older, perhaps a bit grey on the edges and definitely a bit out of shape, but there was no mistaking him. He kept quiet when she was introduced, but she could see in his eyes that he remembered her. She watched him during the meeting, always catching him staring at her.

He didn’t just remember her, he remembered the past as well. If that past got out, God help her son.



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A better day

I am hoping today is a better day. I was a complete and total stress ball last night over the refrigerator. Hello? What was up with that? Anyway, it is mostly fixed and it did force me to do a clean…

What is it with 5 year olds and thinking that they don’t need to listen to you? I told Soleil not to do something yesterday and boom, she looks right at me and does it anyway. I can expect this at 3, but at 5? Girl, you already tested the hell out of me. STOP IT!

Tomorrow, we are test driving a new sitter! Ha! Actually, it is Soleil’s old pre-K teacher. Both girls love her and I would hire her as a live in nanny if I could! She is Soleil’s soul-mate! Since she isn’t actually teaching Luna yet, it’s okay for her to sit for us! I am so excited because I know the girls trust her and will listen…

I just put in about 6 auction snipes for ebay. All on Disney princess costumes. The girls love dress up and I know they would love these. I know, Jay just put us into cash austerity, but hell, I can do this!

I discovered yesterday, that my boresight code is not going as I had planned. Stupid bugger! So I spent yesterday learning all about cubic spline interpolations and I am now working on the maneuver interpolations. Sigh… Sometimes I wish my ego on coding was just a tad smaller so I didn’t just plunge ahead without a plan!

Today is better! And if it isn’t, hell, I’m doing a mommy night at the Melting Pot tonight. Can you say chocolate fondue? I knew you could!

How to clean your refrigerator in 2 easy steps

1. Go to butter toast at 10pm at night on a 94 degree day. Realize the butter is SOFT and MELTED. Say FUCK loudly and keep the fridge closed.

2. Call a repair person and decide to blow $400 on a repair instead of buying a new fridge because you are planning on a remodel of the kitchen an you were planning to make the new place big enough for a larger fridge. Discover that the defrost unit died and the ENTIRE FREEZER of food is wasted.


Voila! Your refrigerator is cleaned!


Where’s my jacket?

I am looking for my jacket. You know, the little white one that ties in the back?

I ended up volunteering to be a co-leader for Soleil’s Daisy Girl Scout troop. And since I am one of the few who were not afriad of computers, I am running the Yahoo group.

 Yeah, this is what I needed. More work. Way to go Nance!


Next up: learn how to smash one’s head into a wall while juggling kids, husband and a spacecraft


tick or tock?

Do you hear the clock ticking during the day?

Do you wonder when you will get it all done?

I often do. Even more so now that Soleil and Luna are in two different places during the day. Soleil is back in our town, 11 miles from work (as the crow flies). Luna is in the next town from our work, 3 miles (as the crow flies). We struggle with the bus drop off, jump in car, get to daycare routine. We struggle with the return routine.

Today, I took my car into the Honda dealer to get serviced. The cute little wrench light came on to alert me it wanted to be serviced. Fortunately, they take service without appointments. Unfortunately, I forgot that Jay has a doctor’s appointment today and needs the car by 12:40. I waited about 2 minutes for the "Courtesy Shuttle" to take me to work. Then I said "Screw it" and walked. It’s only 15 minutes from the dealer to work. I figured it would take 5 minutes of waiting, 5 minutes of driving (assuming the traffic lights stopped us) and I would save 5 minutes and have a larger butt. So I walked. And it was nice. But it made me think about time.

How do you get everything done in the time you have? How do you impress upon your children that time is both important and not?

I don’t want our children to be slaves to the clock. Jay has a distinct memory of kids rushing to choir practice and getting into a car accident because the choir director would lock the door at 5:00pm and if you weren’t there, tough. I don’t want them to do that! But I also want them to respect time and work within it.

I am not sure how to do these things when I struggle myself.

I can’t find ME time. I can’t find time to correctly plan the target object for my code. I can’t find time to exercise. I can’t find time to meditate. I try to find time to play with the girls and I have a rule that I hug them every day. I try to say I love you to the three most important people in my life everyday.

But somehow, I often get stuck with the tick and tocks of life.



Yesterday, while I worked at home, Jay was being "a geek".


He got a new Apple Airport to replace our Linksys WiFi router. This has a USB port and can serve disks. Jay has a disk with about 34,000 mp3 files. We have this disk now on our airport. Either of our computers can see this disk and We can play any song from that disk on our iTunes. 

Jay had his computer plugged into the stereo and played Mozart during dinner. The music was stored 2 rooms away and it was simply connected via the WiFi.

He now wants to buy the iTouch to allow us to connect that instead of our computers. What a geek! I love him! 

A Open Letter to Red Sox Fans

Dear Red Sox Nation,

I am sorry. It’s all my fault.

You see, in late August, it happened. I was at a Cleveland Indians/ Chicago White Sox game. While the Indians were losing, I kept a close eye on the Red Sox/Baltimore Orioles game. The Orioles took a lead. A Big lead. I bitched about Timlin blowing it AGAIN. Then, just before the Indians started their amazing comeback, I saw that the Red Sox were also on the rally train. I poked Dr. Jay in the ribs and said

"We’re coming back! Look! The score is now 9-6!" 

Jay looked at me and said "What’s this "we" shit? The Indians are losing!"

I pointed out the Red Sox score. But that was it. I was suddenly identifying myself as a Red Sox fan. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 11 years and I am finally a Red Sox fan. I will never be a Bruins (ice hockey) or Patriots (football) fan. I have teams for those sports.

In fact, it is because I have teams for those sports that I must take full blame for the Red Sox TANKING it right now. I grew up in Western New York. Buffalo area to be exact. Yeah, those four super bowls that the Bills went to and Lost? I cheered for each one. The Sabres? My team all the way. When the "no goal" was scored in 1999, I threw the remote into the wall. It shattered into many pieces.

You see, those of us from Buffalo are USED to our teams sucking. Sucking with the strength of a giant hoover vacuum (OK, I know, vacuums don’t SUCK, the air pressure outside is forcing the air to be blown into the bag with the dirt, but you get the point).

And Red Sox fans are used to suckage as well, (the famous Bucky fucking Dent). But, after the 2004 World Series, I think people expected a change.

I am truly sorry, Sparky and all residents of Red Sox nation. It is all my fault.


Spacemom…fan of sucky sports teams 

School Daze

Tomorrow is our first "Back to School" night for public schools. This is the first of MANY.

We will meet our over caffeinated principal, Mrs. Brown (I kid you NOT, this woman is way way too perky. Makes me want to give her some Quaalude) and then talk with Soleil’s teacher. Last night, Soleil recited two stories from school. The first involved shapes. We drew out the shapes and talked about them. We discussed the Trapezoid and how you can make one, and the rectangle and the square. We discussed how a square is a rectangle and a rectangle is a trapezoid. Then Jay pointed out that she’ll have to get pretty far into geometry before she can stump him on that. (true…so true). We drew hexagons, pentagons, octagons and then decided that  a rectangle should be a quadragon. Luna got bored with this, but Soleil was fascinated.

Monday night, my back gave a loud relaxing crack in the middle of the night. Last night helped too, so I can now move. This is a bonus.I tried to sew the Chilly Willy jammie top, but only got far enough to do some work on the neck line and pin the pieces together. My back was hurting too much to continue. Sigh. Plus, I think I need to do one more piece of cutting. You see, I am matching the jammie top to the one that the blogger sent me. This is different from my pattern. The neck line is the big difference. So I might need to have a special collar in the back for this.Sigh… I need to look carefully at her shirt tonight before I go too far.

 Luna has adjusted well to the changes in our lives. She loves walking to the bus stop every morning with Soleil and I. She likes to wave goodbye and ask when she can ride the bus. Then she goes on to discuss how she want to go to Kindergarten. She also loves having Jay and I both drop her off at daycare.

We are finding that we have entered the "transitional years". We have 2 of them. Luna will be at daycare for 2 more years. Soleil is in school. We have two places, about 10 miles and 30 minutes of driving, apart. Once Luna is in Kindergarten, we’re going to have to redo the whole plan. How to have one of us at home in the afternoons to get the girls. How to be able to be there while getting work done. How to travel between work and home with just one car? (why double pollute?) Sigh….


Fund me!

I have a vision of Seymour from "Little Shop of Horrors", but instead of yelling "FEED ME", it’s yelling "FUND ME"

Soleil came home with a rather large packet in her backpack Friday. It had the catalogue for our PTA fund raiser. I tossed it right in the recycling. To be honest, I have never quite understood what to do in these cases, and now I am here. My child is coming home with fund raising materials.

I have 3 main objections to fund raising:

  1. It makes the kids work for something that they do not have a direct say in. A form of child labor, if you will. "oh please buy this so little Johnny can have the school supplies he needs. Look at Little Johnny’s big brown eyes, can you say No to this child?"
  2. There’s too much junk in this world anyway. Why do we need to produce the paperwork (which might not get recycled), the packaging, the products, the shipping (more pollution) for the PTA?
  3. I would rather just write a check. Ask for a damn donation. I’ll provide! Really.

Maybe I am too cynical. I did notice that the newsletter sent home with the fund raising package said "we will always take direct donations" which is exactly what I am going to do.

It’s not that I find that PTA/PTO don’t need money. I think I just take a very big objection to pushing kids to be sellers. I hated raising funds in school and I don’t want my kids to feel they need to. I also hate that we just don’t have the funding within the town to support the schools via taxes. The PTA/PTO has to have some operating expenses, and yes we, as parents, should help fund it, but I wish we could use some of our tax dollars towards this.

How do others deal with fund raising? I am curious, especially for those who have been there, done that with older kids…


BTW- Soleil will probably join the Girl Scouts. I will let her sell cookies. But I wish I could just write a check for that too.