Here I am, filling out form DS-11, Application for United States Passport.

Soleil’s first passport is expiring. We have a trip in June, foreign, and her passport expires in April.

Can you believe that my baby’s first passport is expiring?


things you aren’t ready to hear

Scene: Last night, Jay and I are doing dishes:

Soleil yells from down the hallway "I’m PREGNANT!"


Jay "I really am NOT ready to hear this!"

Soleil walks in the kitchen with Simba (from the Lion King) stuck under her shirt. "I’m not really pregnant."

Good to know, girl…good to know 

While away, Soleil proceeded to avoid panties. I explained that now that we are 5, we need to keep our vulvas private, especially from boys and men. "Why, mom? Is it because they want a vulva too? But they have a penis. And penises are POWERFUL! They squirt pee!"

Great. She’s already getting the power plays in the sexually charged world.

When asked where Daddy was Luna replied "Probably the potty. Daddy has a stomach sick and he poops alot. We have to give him privacy." I guess that’s a good way to describe Crohn’s…


20 to 1

Just before we headed to Cleveland, I got a panicked txt from my sister. "Call me. About Mom"  I called her and we talked. Mom and Dad are in a tight cash flow point. This is expected as their second house is for sale in Florida (Anyone looking for a great 3bedroom house on the Space Coast?).
It’s been on the market since July and it’s stressing them. I calmed my sister down, but then found out that most of the Christmas money that is normally sent for her to buy gifts for her kids is non-existent this year.

My parents did them a favor of helping during a hockey tournament. Gas is up to $50 a tank (I just put $42 in my car last night). Between hotels, gas and food, my parents spent $600 for the help.

Her In-laws can’t afford Christmas money this year. Her MIL drives only about 6 miles to work (12 miles round trip), but is finding the gas costs are eating into the family budget (her FIL is disabled).

I talked to Jay and we sent a little extra this year in our Christmas cheque.

In Cleveland, the Saturday paper had a top story of the local applicants for a Wal-Mart super center. 6,000 applicants. 300 jobs. That’s 20 applicants for each job. Think about this. For each person who gets the prized job, usually minimum wage, at an employer known to treat employees like slaves, 19 people will walk away with out a job at all.

We’ve been pretty insulated. Jay and I tend to save like mad. We have both been in the position of eating Ramon noodles for lunch/dinner until the next paycheque came in. Once we got out of grad school and into "real work" with "real pay", we paid off credit and started saving. Saving and saving and saving. Once in a while, we spend too much. Jay puts a hold on all spending and makes us budget for the next 3 months.

These 3 things; my parents, my sister and the Cleveland Wal-Mart have suddenly brought home what tight economic times are like right now.

Kind of scary when you stop and think. I think my cleaner is getting a little extra in her holiday Thank You cheque this year….


Bedtime stories

After getting the girls to bed, I was trying to catch up with blogs.


Soleil came out. She told us she was upset about Alex… Alex is a boy in the special needs class. He died on Thanksgiving Day. I set aside the computer and held her and said all that I could to talk about death and life and not knowing how long we have, etc.

Eventually, we got her calm and in bed.

Damn, this parenting thing is hard… My heart goes out to Alex’s family. To lose a 6 year old must be hell. 

The Land of the Cleves

Ah- Thanksgiving, time to visit family and fun! We are currently in Cleveland, getting ready to celebrate Jay’s parents 50th anniversary. Keith and Lee are coming before Friday. This should be <sarcasm>FUN</sarcasm>. Right now, it is fun because it’s just us and the grandparents… but soon… Sigh

Trackback Hell

UGH! I am getting so frustrated! I am getting bots that come through my blog and put up trackbacks on old posts. These are for P*rN or for drug or damn Viagr@ UGH! I had 22 trackbacks today!


It is hard for me to go back and remove all of the trackbacks from my old posts….sigh….

Anyone else have trouble with this? Suggestions? 

No photos yet…

I haven’t posted the Before and After photos yet. It’s been a CRAZY weekend around here. Friday had the Girl Scout meeting, which went well. The girl that Soleil doesn’t like was ill. This was a good time to have the girls make "get well cards". Then today, Soleil saw the girl, asked her how she was and the girl said "I hate you" to Soleil. Sigh…

On Saturday, we had an evening out planned with R’s parents. The problem was that on Friday, R was diagnosed with lice. Joy. She was adult free by Friday night and after talking to our school nurse we decided to go ahead. R and her parents came over, and our sitter watched all 3 girls. We went to The Melting Pot. We spent almost 4 hours there! OMG, we rolled out of that place… It was nice.

Yesterday I got to be the "MEANEST MOM EVAH" and tell Luna that she couldn’t get help on the swings because she screams at you when it is time to get off. Sigh…. We told her ahead of time that she was NOT getting any help on the swings and that we would NOT push her. So I was the mean one who let my child scream "BUT I WANNA SWING" and I just shook my head and said "no honey". I was almost giggling because I giggle when I am nervous and the act of letting my child scream at a playground was pretty damn nerve racking!

So today we are packing for a Thanksgiving trip and we still have our normal gymnastics and swimming Monday. Joy! 🙂

How was YOUR weekend? 

In Dire Straits…

Whoops, I was playing some Dire Straits… And playing "Money for Nothing"….. And then the line came on about "the Little Faggot"… Um, Should I let my kids listen this? And when they ask, How do I explain "faggot" and how these sorts of taunts are not ok…? Sigh, Parenting sucks sometimes…