Crazy Day

We’re closing down the day. Between work, workouts, fireplace enclosure installed (wrong, again), dropping off kids, picking up kids, laundry, the day has happened. The girls are drawing with glitter glue. I am surfing and writing, Jay’s making dinner.

Sometimes, it is nice to just sit back and enjoy the remains of the day….

And then she lost it…

Me or Soleil? I am not sure which one of us is going to go first!

She had a great day until 4:50pm. We went to our old town to put in her passport application. Note to parents. BOTH parents and the child have to be present to apply for a passport. Sigh. The post office was too busy (ie, only 1 person was there). So we went about 50 yards to the Town Hall to the Town Clerk. We finished that, got lollipops from the nice town clerk who assured us that it would take 4-6 weeks (I hope!).

We dropped Soleil at Kids’ Club for the day and then took Luna to DayCare. Got Jay some Boston Kremes (long story, but we’re having some Crohn’s weight loss issues now that he is off the steroids) and came home to get some work done. In the afternoon, we reversed directions. I went to get Luna, he started dinner and got Soleil.

When Jay walked in, the woman at the desk suddenly yelled, "Bring Soleil out!" He was concerned. Turns out, the poor kiddo was on someone’s lap, turned for a hug and fell into the train table. She has a large bruise under her right eye. I am hoping it won’t turn into a full shiner.  We had the incident report all typed out and ready to go. Sigh…

I believe that this fall caused her to go CRAZY. When she didn’t get her way at book time, she LOST it. Her book went flying across the room. Stomps, yelling of "FINE!" and other teenage actions. I was so close to losing it myself, but I used my calm voice and talked her down.

I know, in one corner of my mind, that this is normal. At 5-6, a child is starting to get more external influences in their life. They learn new techniques and coping skills, some good and some bad. But DAMN, it drives me nuts when she does this.

She is now asleep and hopefully in for the night.

May she have restful dreams…

Luna- Ha! She’s a whole other post! 

December 25, 2007

First, let me wish Merry Christmas to those out in the Internet who celebrate it!

We spent the day with telephone calls to family. This was the hardest part of the day. This was my first christmas season without my side of the family. Long story, but between hockey and cost of fuel, my sister couldn’t handle doing christmas this year for the whole family. Add to this, my mother can’t go North in the winter, well, Buffalo was right out for her.

But then the day got better. We went to CoCoKey Resort north of Boston. Click on that link and take the tour (near the bottom). Yeah, that’s about what it looked like. We got there at 11 and stayed until 3:30. The kids were in the water almost non-stop except for 3 potty breaks and 1 "You are NOT going in that pool again until there is food in your body" break. They were wiped (and so were we). The place was filled with three types of people, 1) Jewish families 2) Muslim families and 3) Chinese Families (and before anyone gets all "don’t you mean Asian?" I saw, nope, clearly the families were of Chinese origin.) It was great to have a diverse crowd there…I even got to see, for the first time, women and teens swimming fully covered! I was thrilled! I had heard about swim wear for the Muslim woman who wanted to swim, but keep herself covered. These outfits were amazing! They were made of the same quick drying material I had in my swim shirt, but covered from head to ankle (feet were uncovered). Awesome! I loved seeing it!

The girls loved it! Luna was sliding and sliding and sliding. Soleil? My goodness, you would have never known that a year ago, she was terrified to put her head under water. I am incredibly wiped out right now. I need some serious sleep. Tomorrow? The Luna has daycare, Soleil has "Kids’ Club" and Jay and I are working at home since work is mostly closed. (the buildings are closed- but we still have to work. Gotta love having your work place run by two different places)

Have a wonderful day and may all be happy and bright! 


Whimp out post of the day

Here’s a snippet of a conversation the other day: Note: the girls and I all have nasty colds….

Me: "Ugh, I hate that we all have this virus!"
S: "which virus is it mom?" (the girl is OBSESSED with viruses..sick I tell you!)
Me: "this is the cold, it’s called the Rhino-virus"
S: laughing "I’m going to be a rhinoceros! Look! I’ll have 4 feet and a horn! You too Luna!"
Me: (laughing that she made a real joke)

Ah yes, the joy of siblings! 

More snow?

Here’s our current snow issue…


Yes, the snow is above the seats of the chairs on our deck. We have about 30 some inches at the moment.

And we now have something to do on Christmas! Yeah! A local Temple burned to the ground last week. Sadly, one person was killed in this fire (the fire started in an apartment building). A local water resort has opened its doors for $90 a family on Christmas day. All moneys go to the Temple funds.

This is a good reason to go and a good thing for the kids!

Now, where’s that snow thrower? 

Snow snow snow

I am currently working at home. yeah!

My cell phone received a text message this morning stating that our town’s schools had a 2 hour delay. What??? We were supposed to have gotten 1-3 inches of snow. Turns out by daybreak, there was 4-7 inches. We had a nice low circling over the Gulf of Maine, drawing the water off of the ocean and dumping it on Coastal Maine, NH and yes, Metro Boston. Since we had a meeting with Soleil’s teacher at Temple School, we decided to just not go in. Right now, Luna is watching Barbie as the Island Princess, because, well, I’m a terrible mother who lets her kids watch TV…


Still haven’t called my insurance company. They are next on the list.  We are still figuring out next week. We have the girls Monday and Tuesday. Monday we’re going to the Museum of Science and Tuesday? No sure yet. I figure we should go Christmas light viewing…. Most places are closed, so I don’t know what we’ll do….

I must be burnt out. I can’t think of anything good.


Looking for a tune-up

Sigh, I need to look into cleaning up my categories. I want them in a drop box, but I’ve been having some trouble with the word press stuff. AC, I can only do so much

 Anyway, discovered that my hood is damaged. A friend listened to my description and said that he once had an SUV back into his car and the tire dented his hood the same way mine is damaged. Frick. My insurance is going to suck the $500 deductible out of me.. sigh..

We have a parent/teacher conference at religious school tomorrow. Yippee. Can you feel the excitement?

Yeah, I’ve got NOTHIN’ today. Lots of meetings and little time…sigh

On the plus side, I took a SAD quiz and discovered that I may be suffering clinical depression, Yah? Ya think?