Oui, we are here!

We have arrived in France. Wonderful. We did come via Germany and I really needed Dirk to translate for us.

Slowly, slowly, French is coming back to me.Now, I need some sleep. AFter stuffing myself at a dinner where everybody eat fish (and I am allergic to) we are finally going to bed.


G’night all! 

Dudes, I made Jam

Seriously! I just made jam! I have 8  jars of fresh strawberry jam on my counter. So far, two have not sealed, but it is still early.

I had the leftovers for my lunch (the stuff that wouldn’t fit in jars)

Soleil went strawberry picking yesterday and MAN, it worked great! Most of them were mushy because the baskets got put ontop of each other. Sigh.

But I made Jam.

Now I need to pack. I have a trip to FRANCE tomorrow for work!


Yesterday, our town had our first ever farmers’ market! It was great. We pikced up broccoli, strawberries and lettuce. Yummy!

I am trying to make more salads these days. I am also working on losing weight (when am I not?) but the brownies I made last night didn’t help!

I often look at my friend M’s Blog, Rural Aspirations, and I am amazed because she is able to do so much at home. Granted, she has chosen a simpler life and only her husband works out of the home right now and she can be with the kids and garden and such, but still, I wish I could do it all. I really enjoy work, but I want to do more local stuff. Less driving, more biking (although we should be able to do this when Luna’s in Kindergarten and we don’t have to drive her to daycare too!) We are currently growing tomatoes and 2 green bean plants (from Soleil’s school), but next year? I want a small garden. Just a little bit of broccoli and lettuce and such.


BTW- the party was great, we had an impromptu sleepOVER (we were planning a sleep under, but when it was time for Soleil’s friend to go home, the girls BEGGED for a sleep over. R did great! Her first ever!) The next day, after the rain ended, we celebrated Father’s Day and our anniversary (#12) with a 10 mile bike ride! Soleil did the whole thing! Luna rode in the bike seat.


Days past

After dropping Soleil at her summer program, we drove Luna to her daycare. Only 15 more months of this! I can’t wait until they are both in the same summer program. We take Luna to a corporate day care, Br!ght H0riz0ns. She loves it. I like it too. It took several months to get used to it from our last corporate daycare, but I really like the cognitive approach they take towards kids. How everything is a learning experience and play is learning. We’ve really enjoyed it.

Today, we parked next to an empty spot for drop off. When we finally left Luna, we walked out to see a mom feeding her child still in the carseat next to us.

I remember those days. Soleil crying in the carseat. Luna not wanting to be strapped down. Feeding in the car. Remembering bottles, and diapers. And all without sleep. I enjoyed those days. I miss the baby fat and the coos and the smiles, but to be honest? I am so glad we are past them! Bring on the elementary days! I like these days much better!

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity

I am seeing red. As in severe thunderstorms coming our way! YES! PLEASE!

Today’s high was around 97F. I was a sticky mess. My hair is curlier than Daniel Craig’s Short and curlies. Ugh. I hate the humidity. Tomorrow should be a balmy 87! (or one place claims 85!) But without the humidity.

I spent most of the day grueling away over a computer simulating a proposed observation for an upcoming Peer review. I am pretty sure of the outcome, but the pain of working on this is terrible. I need to finish this tomorrow, but I have a coordinate issue that I failed to document last time. Sigh.

Please let those thunderstorms take some humidity out of the air….I think I speak for the whole North east.