When life hits the wall

Both Soleil and I enjoyed the trip to school. She has a locker this year! My baby has a locker! And her teacher and I talked about Astronomy and then reading and she is reading the Twilight series too! Boohoo! They still don’t have desks in 1st grade, but they have tables put together. I can’t wait for school to start. I know she loves it!

On other hands, summer is coming to a screeching halt and man it is loud! Here’s a quick run down:

  1. Work: I have two major projects at work that have suddenly reared their ugly heads. I am in major typing mode and working hard at finishing an SOP (standard operating procedure) for review tomorrow and I have a code that several people are suddenly expressing interest in.
  2. Home: Soleil is having a sleep over with a friend and so I am painting her room Friday/Saturday. Wish me luck!
  3. Luna is going through a phase where I remember Soleil going through (Heck, I probably blogged about it) where she is screaming "I can’t"
    all of the time! UGH!
  4. There’s a protected post coming up. If you want the password, email me and  give me some good reasons why I should let you in! 🙂

Good morning, Internets!

After an hour and a half, I have wrangled a MS Word template to work. Hoo! Feel my power! I can now work on the Flight Operations Team side of a procedure that I have needed to work on for a while. I feel so good to fight the "Evil Empire" and win! Man, I wish that we could do everything in freeware instead of MS. 

Anyhow, today is an exciting day! I am picking up Soleil in a half-hour to go meet her first grade teacher! Woo hoo! I grabbed a very nice poster from our education department for her. She is so excited to go back to school! Our school has half days for the K&1 grades for the first week. This will be nice to have her back in her element, school. She loves learning.

The other excitement is that we start Mom and Luna Mondays on the 8th! Luna loves the idea of having Mom to herself and I am actually quite excited to spend time with her. One on one is so much better. I love having the time to focus completely on one of my girls so I can really touch and get to know her soul. I was alone with Soleil when she was a baby and toddler. Now I get Luna as a Pre-K & K kid. This is really quite cool!

Anyway, today feels like a very good day. I have been slacking on my novel. Basically, it gets mentally hard (not like a writer’s block, more that one character hits too close to home.) I think I am almost ready to attack this again.

Morning light

I spent most of Saturday stripping wall paper (It’s all down!) and cleaning the largest wall in Soleil’s room. I need to finish cleaning the rest before I can prime and paint. Then we lit a fire and had fun with friends on Saturday night.

Sunday was party party party day

Yesterday was mayhem of the best kind. We went to a local amusement park. The kids are now old enough that we had fun with minimal whining. I loved it. We were at the park from 11 until 7:30pm. We did all sorts of rides and the kids went home with their goal of making mom go down the flume and getting wet accomplished. Sigh 

Yes, I am becoming Mom. The word Mommy is getting harder to find in my house, and I don’t mind it one bit. I have been fairly honest, the baby stage is hard and the tantrums and other whiny bits are very difficult on me.

To actually have a person I can reason with, even if the reasoning is a little odd (Mom! I am crying because I want to go on the water slide, but I hate the water being sprayed in my face so I’m angry that I can’t go UP to go down the water slide) is really nice.

I see the light of the baby tunnel and the train that is the kid tunnel. Bring it on, girls. I will probably complain just as much with the kids as opposed to toddler/baby, but bring it on!

My love and food

I love Yoko, my acupuncturist. Seriously LOVE her. I don’t mean in the sense that we will run away and live together feeding each other sushi with our lips (I’m allergic to fish, remember?), but I love her.

Yesterday, I made the serious mistake of WAKING UP. This was a mistake because when I moved my head, something snapped. I heard it. Ouch. The muscle that runs from the neck down the spine hurt like a son of a son of a sailor. I distinctly remember saying "Ouch ouch" on the car ride in whenever I turned my head to look at something. Riding my bike up with Soleil and riding back was painful.

Then I saw Yoko. I had an appointment with her today (hence the work from home day) so I told her about the muscle. She must have put 40 needles in my back, but now? I barely feel it. I love her.

Since it is a WFH day, I was quite nervous when we had 2 targets of opportunity come in today. Fortunately, they were both for the same object, so only one was approved and it wasn’t my responsibility. Whew.

I did realize that we are starting to get a wee bit over run with tomatoes and wouldn’t a nice bruchetta sound good right about now. Then I realized we didn’t have Italian bread. Then I smacked myself in the forehead, pulled out the bread maker and let it do the hard work.


Here’s the bread and the tomatoes, fresh from my tomato experiment. 

45 to 7

Soleil wanted to ride her scooter to her day camp today.

45 minutes to get up there.

7 minutes for me to ride back on my bike


Sigh…what we do for our kids. 

A call for help

Okay- I rarely do this, but hear me out of this.

A few weeks ago, a 9 year old girl had visitation with her father for her birthday. Her parents are divorcing. She lives with her mom, who is unemployed and doesn’t have a car to get a job. The 9 year old returned home and told her mom, and a family friend that she had been molested by her father. A call to the police resulted in a filed report. Child Protective Services have been called and a physical exam of the girl supported her claims.

The family has been trying to get a lawyer, an emergency protection order and just to get the father arrested. So far, the mom and grandfather have been given the run around. They are at wits end trying to support this girl, but the grandfather is barely scraping by himself, so he has no money for the legal fees.

The aunt of this girl is a friend of mine. She set up a paypal account under the email justice4zoe at gmail dot com. If you are so inclined, please consider donating something for the family’s legal fund. They want to make sure the father is arrested, tried and convicted. They want to help the girl start healing and the family to move on. And they want to protect any other girl from this man.

Thanks for reading this. It may be just a small amount for you and yes, we can’t give to everybody who asks, but I appreciate it if you can just consider donating to the legal fund.




Yes, I finished it last night. I loved it. I brought the next book of the series to work so I can take it to the gym today when I exercise.

I would suggest this series to anyone! I loved it.

BTW- timing document is done, coding is in good shape, GS in good shape, knocking down my list!



Officially, my book should be done in first draft form in 30 days. I have given myself until September 30. Why the extra time? Well, let’s be honest. I work, I have two younger kids, I travel and I am still working out my whole "what the hell am I doing when I grow up ?" thing. Therefore, the extra time comes in. I am actually excited about where I am in the story, and I am having trouble finding the time to sit and write. It’s the time. Where is the time?

I spent some extra time at the control center yesterday understanding the timing from a meeting that we had. Last week, our telescope went into something called "Normal Sun Mode". This means the solar arrays (the things that power the telescope) were aligned to be 90 degrees to the sun and we stopped pointing where we should and the whole thing just sat there and waited for us to tell it to go back to work. It turned out there was an SEU* that caused a computer to reboot, which caused a timing issue, which caused a slew to take too long, which caused a shut down of the telescope, which caused our instrument to reboot, which caused many headaches. So, when I didn’t write much last week? Yeah, this is why. We were busy.

Now I have a series of deadlines:

  • My book, Sept 30.
  • Timing paperwork and documents- soon
  • annual review soon
  • wallpaper removal and painting in Soleil’s room- soon
  • School supplies – as soon as I know what to buy
  • Girl Scout stuff- WAY too soon
  • Code updates-soon soon soon

Just a lot of deadlines. I wish I could make these flow better, but I can’t right now! Any ideas how to make time work for you? 

SEU=Single Event Upset…ie WTF? the thing reset and we aren’t sure why, and until we have a cause, it’s a Single Event Upset


Damn books!

Whew! Crazy weekend. We left Thursday to head to Buffalo. We enjoyed a visit with my sister and then we met up with Becky. She lent me some 20 books to read. UGH! Now I am fully immersed within Twilight and I have the other 2, but the fourth one she is refusing the lend me because she’s only read it twice. Grrr.

I love having books to read, but with the trip, I didn’t get a chance to write on my book. I have left my main character working through a problem and she’s probably pretty confused by now with her conversation with her mother hanging.

And I have a Girl Scout meeting (adult) tonight and I started to rip down the wall paper in Soleil’s room. So I am fully involved in three projects at home: books both reading and writing and the great wallpaper project!


Work is pretty pumped right now too. I have two meetings this week at the control center including one for the FDB (Flight Director’s Board). THe FDB scares the crap out of me, but I need to get this meeting done to approve a new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Have you noticed that we love to use TLAs?(Three Letter Acronyms?) Love it! Too bad NASA is an FLA (Four Letter Acronym)

 Life is good, depression is hiding, books are overtaking my life and I need to get back to work!