The post about being two weeks out of six

I have almost finished two weeks out of six of my medical leave. I am seeing doctors galore. Lovely. I had a pulmonary visit because last year at this time, we thought I was having a pulmonary embolism. I think we have determined it was stress due to the reoccurrence of symptoms the week before I started leave. My insomnia is almost cured too, again it was clearly stress as I started to sleep once I knew I was able to step back from work. I have also started seeing a therapist to work on ways to not internalize my stress and I have my regular mental health consultant who signed off on the paperwork, so I need to touch base with her.

Unfortunately, there are still two outstanding medical issues: heart rate and hypothyroidism. I will do a blood test on Monday for the later. The first is a little more concerning. I have ‘intermittent tachycardia’ meaning my heart rate at rest will jump to the mid-100s. When I exercise, it jumps into the 160s and nearly 190 when I do cardio exercise (ie-running). At rest, it is typical to be in the mid 80s. This is still high, so I am seeing a cardiologist on Nov 2. My mom has a leaky valve and my dad has had a double by-pass with several stents added, so I guess at 41, I should get my heart checked. Hopefully, we will decide this is just how my heart works, but it is better to check than to just ignore it.

I have been exercising as I can. I ran a 10K trail race last weekend and twisted my ankle within the first 2 miles (it was after the first awesomely run mile!) I finished and the course was .5mi longer than a 10K, but that’s okay. I finished. My ankle is almost ready to run on. I will try today or tomorrow.

Mostly, I’ve found that I didn’t need to worry about not having anything to do. I am a doer. I do things. So I have found plenty to do.

I am still working on the stress and issues about returning to work in my head. I think that will be my next post, but I need to be careful. Some of you who read know my supervisor (I’m looking at you,Bev!) and I want to phrase things correctly. If I wanted to screw him over, I would have gone right to HR. I don’t want to screw him over, but I can’t go back to being under him either. So I have some decisions ahead of me.