The one about parenting children of a different religion

*I know I owe you all a post about work, but there are things that I can’t put out here. Let’s just say I am back at work and there have been some changes implemented, but I am in the same job with the same supervisors*

So it is December. And all of the retail places are kicking our butts with holiday music. Seriously, it started before Thanksgiving this year. If I hear “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time” one more time, I will have to go postal.

December in the Casa de Space means the endless questions of why don’t Jews get even time in the holidays (2% girls! You’re part of the 2%) It is hard for me to really get their concerns because, well, I was raised Christian in a Christian society. I may now be atheist, but growing up, the whole Christmas thing made sense and it was my holiday. Now as a cynical adult, I can split the religion from the secular parts of Christmas and deal. I can tell that my kids can’t.

We don’t do both. We’re not both. We do Hanukkah. Every year, since Soleil was young, we’ve had a Hanukkah party. We make a ton of latkes (traditional fried potato pancakes) put out some other foods and roll with it. Sour cream? Fattening latkes and jelly donuts? Oh yeah, we’re all over that! We even have some drediels out to play that traditional “Let’s teach the kids how to gamble with chocolate”. Seriously, who decided that was a good idea? We don’t do electric lights, we don’t do trees, we just do Hanukkah.

So when Luna found out the competition she was attending in December was canceled, she wanted to do the holiday show for the Learn to Skate club that she works. Of course, she’ll be gone the week of the holiday show and the coaches suggested something for Hanukkah. In 1 hour, this girl got her coach to download the song “Candlelight” by the Maccabeats and she designed a routine to go with it. Amazing.

She’s still upset about Christmas dominating her world. She doesn’t know what to do with it or how to relate with others. I am at a loss. How many people out there parent a child from a different religion or culture? How do you handle these sorts of issues?

2 thoughts on “The one about parenting children of a different religion

  1. I can’t offer any advice but I have always wondered how people of different Faiths get through Christmas without going completely crazy. I mean, how annoying it must be to listen to song after song about the birth of baby Jesus without yelling at someone “not everyone believes this!! Please stop shoving it down my throat.” And don’t even get me started on the whole merry Christmas/happy holidays debate. People are narrow minded and ignorant a lot of the time.(rant over)

  2. I understand your frustration. I, too, lack a theistic worldview. My strategy is it to acknowledge the Christian views as being pervasive and legitimate.
    “Why do people sing about Jesus, mommy?”
    “Because they think he was the son of god”
    “There’s an old collection of books that a lot of people are so enamored with that they think the authors were directed by god to write it.”
    “The bible mommy?”
    “Yep. Sometimes a belief can give someone comfort no matter whether its true or not. Some people need to believe in a little magic”
    “Like frosty the snowman?”
    “You are so smart, sweetie.”

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