(it’s all) About (me)

My name is Nance. I am on the science operations team for a NASA telescope. I have two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband, Dr. Jay, who works on the same telescope project. We live in the Metro Boston area.

Our oldest child, Soleil, truly is the sun in my life. She’s just finished Kindergarten and on her first summer vacation. I am in love with watching her grow!

Our youngest, Luna, orbits her sister and will do anything she can to be with Soleil. She is finally 4. I love her all the way to Pluto… and back! However, she can be quite mischievous and we have to watch her carefully.

I write to calm my mind. I suffer from depression brought on by pregnancy.

We had fertility struggles and we learned alot about each other through this. Jay has crohn’s disease, which plays a major part in our everyday life.